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Laptop AC Adapter for Vaio PA-1450-26 PA-1450-26BA TYPE60-190-3150U (for Vaio Only)

Laptop AC Adapter for Vaio PA-1450-26 PA-1450-26BA TYPE60-190-3150U (for Vaio Only)

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  • Input: AC 100 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz, worldwide compatible
  • Output: 19VDC 3.15A - 3.42A, 65W Max
  • Dimensions: 3.74" x 1.69" x 1.10"
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 30 days money back + 1 year replacement


  • This 65W laptop AC power adapter replaces Vaio 40W, 60W charger.
  • Extra Long Power Cord: With a 6 ft. 2-prong AC power cord and a 6 ft. adapter DC power cord, this adapter lets you reach more space without using extension cords.
  • Durability: The adapter case is ruggedized to endure extreme mobile conditions and sealed tightly to prevent damage from moisture and humidity.
  • Reliability: The AC power cord is UL listed for safety and quality; The internal safety features protect your laptop from electrical hazards by filtering voltage spikes or surges and limiting voltage or current output; The high power efficiency ensures stable and continuous power for your laptop.

Please note this Vaio PA-1450-26 PA-1450-26BA TYPE60-190-3150U (for Vaio Only) laptop AC adapter charger is not original, it is a replacement made by iTEKIRO.


  • VAIO PA-1450-26, PA-1450-26BA, TYPE60-190-3150U (for VAIO Only)

Compatible with:

  • Vaio VWFC71639 F16 16", VWFC71639-SL
  • Vaio VWNC51427 FE14 14.1", VWNC51427-BK VWNC51427-BL VWNC51427-RG VWNC51427-SL
  • Vaio VWNC51428 FE14 14.1", VWNC51428-BK VWNC51428-SL
  • Vaio VWNC51429 FE14 14.1", VWNC51429-BK VWNC51429-BL VWNC51429-RG VWNC51429-SL
  • Vaio VWNC51518 FE15 15.6", VWNC51518-BK VWNC51518-SL
  • Vaio VWNC71419 FE14 14.1", VWNC71419-BK VWNC71419-SL
  • Vaio VWNC71428 FE14 14.1", VWNC71428-BK
  • Vaio VWNC71429 FE14 14.1", VWNC71429-BK VWNC71429-BL VWNC71429-RG VWNC71429-SL

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