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230W Laptop AC Adapter for MSI A17-230P1A A230A029P A17-230P1B A230A038P

230W Laptop AC Adapter for MSI A17-230P1A A230A029P A17-230P1B A230A038P

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  • Input: AC 100 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz, worldwide compatible
  • Output: 230W Max - 19.5V 11.8A or 19V 12.11A
  • Dimensions: 7.75" x 4" x 1.75"
  • Color: Black
  • Warranty: 30 days money back + 1 year replacement


  • This 230W laptop AC power adapter replaces Gigabyte 230W, 200W, 180W charger (please check picture 3 for the adapter's plug tip), but NOT MSI 280W adapter.
  • Extra Long Power Cord: With a 6 ft. 3-prong AC power cord and a 6 ft. adapter DC power cord, this adapter lets you reach more space without using extension cords.
  • Durability: The adapter case is ruggedized to endure extreme mobile conditions and sealed tightly to prevent damage from moisture and humidity.
  • Reliability: The AC power cord is UL listed for safety and quality; The internal safety features protect your laptop from electrical hazards by filtering voltage spikes or surges and limiting voltage or current output; The high power efficiency ensures stable and continuous power for your laptop.

Please note this MSI A17-230P1A A230A029P A17-230P1B A230A038P laptop AC adapter charger is not original, it is a replacement made by iTEKIRO.


  • MSI A17-230P1A A230A029P, A17-230P1B A230A038P, 957-16V1XP-101, 957-17G11P-101
  • This adapter has a barrel plug tip with 5.5 mm diameter and no pin inside the plug, please check the 3rd image for details

Compatible with:

  • MSI MSI Creator 15 A10SE A10SE-257
  • MSI Creator 15 A10SEV A10SEV-001
  • MSI Creator 15 A10SF A10SF-041
  • MSI Creator 15 A10SFS A10SFS-014 A10SFS-287
  • MSI Creator 15 A10SFT A10SFT-053
  • MSI Creator 15 A10SGS A10SGS-040
  • MSI Creator 15 A10UE A10UE-285
  • MSI Creator 15 A10UET
  • MSI Creator 15 A10UG A10UG-286
  • MSI Creator 15 A10UGT A10UGT-465
  • MSI Creator 15 A10UH
  • MSI Creator 15 A10UHT
  • MSI Creator 15 A11UE A11UE-491 A11UE-664
  • MSI Creator 15 A11UH A11UH-492 A11UH-631 A11UH-665 A11UH-667
  • MSI Creator 17 A10SE A10SE-256
  • MSI Creator 17 A10SF A10SF-257
  • MSI Creator 17 A10SFS A10SFS-254 A10SFS-254US
  • MSI Creator 17 A10SGS A10SGS-252 A10SGS-254
  • MSI Creator 17 B11UE B11UE-240 B11UE-471
  • MSI Creator 17 B11UG B11UG-239 B11UG-494
  • MSI Creator 17 B11UH B11UH-236 B11UH-238 B11UH-241 B11UH-495 B11UH-496 B11UH-497
  • MSI Creator 17 B11UX
  • MSI GS65 Stealth-002 Stealth-004 Stealth-005 Stealth-420 Stealth-422 Stealth-430 Stealth-432 Stealth-666 Stealth-667 Stealth-1459 Stealth-1607
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 10E 10E-442 10E-498
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 10SF 10SF-005
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS 10SFS-030 10SFS-032 10SFS-037 10SFS-203 10SFS-259 10SFS-440 10SFS-625 10SFS-679
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 10SGS 10SGS-031 10SGS-036 10SGS-441
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 10UE 10UE-256 10UE-498 10UE-604 11UE-662
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 10UG 10UG-075 10UG-219 10UG-608
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 10UH 10UH-091 10UH-254 10UH-454 10UH-603
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 11UE 11UE-007
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 11UG 11UG-024 11UG-236 11UG-275 11UG-658
  • MSI GS66 Stealth 11UH 11UH-020 11UH-021 11UH-056 11UH-235 11UH-290 11UH-618
  • MSI GS75 Stealth 8SF 8SG
  • MSI Stealth-089 Stealth-091 Stealth-093 Stealth-202 Stealth-203 Stealth-242 Stealth-243 Stealth-247 Stealth-248 Stealth-479 Stealth-480 Stealth-1025 Stealth-1026 Stealth-1074 Stealth-1243
  • MSI Stealth 10SF 10SF-036 10SF-420 10SF-609
  • MSI GS75 Stealth 10SFS 10SFS-028 10SFS-035 10SFS-611
  • MSI GS75 Stealth 10SGS 10SGS-027 10SGS-271 10SGS-610
  • MSI GS76 Stealth 11UE 11UE-221 11UE-623
  • MSI GS76 Stealth 11UG 11UG-232 11UG-257 11UG-652 11UG-653
  • MSI GS76 Stealth 11UH 11UH-029 11UH-078 11UH-281
  • MSI P65 Creator-253 Creator-654 Creator-1084 Creator-1274
  • MSI P75 Creator-469 Creator-893 Creator-894 Creator-895
  • MSI WS63 8SK 8SK 017
  • MSI WS65 8TK 8TK-888
  • MSI WS65 9TK 9TK-687 9TK-688 9TK-1014
  • MSI WS65 9TL 9TL-685 9TL-686
  • MSI WS65 9TM 9TM-856 9TM-857 9TM-1079
  • MSI WS66 10TL 10TL-079
  • MSI WS66 10TM 10TM-207
  • MSI WS66 10TMT 10TMT-207
  • MSI WS66 11UKT 11UKT-221 11UKT-269 11UKT-669
  • MSI WS66 11UMT 11UMT-220 11UMT-668
  • MSI WS75 9TJ 9TJ-002
  • MSI WS75 9TK 9TK-498 9TK-499
  • MSI WS75 9TL 9TL-496 9TL-497
  • MSI WS75 10TL 10TL-463
  • MSI WS75 10TM 10TM-492
  • MSI WS76 11UK 11UK-469 11UK-470
  • MSI WS76 11UM 11UM-468
  • MSI MS-16Q4 MS-16V1 MS-16V3

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